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Here is what our LOs are saying about our Reno Team

SUPER JOB! From start to finish in less than 18 working days on a Renovation Loan with 4th of July Holiday, and our applicant was in Portugal for a week! Unreal effort,

Thank you very much, he is closing early next week, DS

What is Fix-It Mortgage?


FIX-IT MORTGAGE is a Brand, a product line here at Advisors Mortgage that includes all of the best Renovation loan products available in the market today. It is an inventory of conventional and government renovation loans that allows a buyer or current homeowner the opportunity to finance their home and finance home improvements, renovations, repairs, updates or maybe just a roof and a paint job, all in one simple transaction.

When most people hear “renovation loan” they think that it means FHA 203(k). It could, and 203(k) is a great program, but that is not all there is! This is not just your father’s 203(k). FIX-IT MORTGAGE is Fannie Mae HomeStyle, HomeStyle Investor and Second Home, Freddie Mac CHOICERenovation, CHOICEReno EXPRESS, VA Renovation, FHA 203(k) and 203(k) Limited, we even have a FIX-IT MORTGAGE Jumbo Renovation Loan.


FIX-IT MORTGAGE is an opportunity! An opportunity to find affordable homeownership.  Creating opportunities in a demanding market.



FIX-IT Mortgage is an opportunity for a family that has decided to improve their home the chance to tap into greater equity by borrowing against the after improved value.


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The FIX-IT MORTGAGE Team at Advisors Mortgage has worked together for decades!

Jim Ragan originated his first FHA 203(k) Loan in 1988 and since has led a team of Sales and Operations experts that have managed renovation lending platforms at Bank of New York, Bank of America, Prospect Mortgage, and Guaranteed Rate. We were introduced to Advisors Mortgage in 2016 and found a family-oriented company with a great interest in helping young families find affordable homeownership.

Our business model ensures that Renovation Loan Experts are involved in every transaction. Our team provides all the product specific support necessary to our sales teams, referral partners, homebuyers and homeowners. We have helped thousands of families find affordable homeownership opportunities with renovation loans. Our objective in every transaction is to communicate clearly, guide our homeowner through the process, deliver their closing on time, and lead them through a successful renovation project so they canlove their new home.